Best 5 Hand Soap for Eczema

best-hand-soap-eczemaWhat is the best hand soap for eczema? Eczema, by far, is a serious skin condition where bacteria have invaded the dermal layer of the skin causing dryness, irritation, and itching. A good moisturizer is important to revive back the skin’s own moisture to combat bacteria and retain healthy skin. Soap can cause further irritation when it has high amounts of sodium lauryl. Thus it is important to choose a hand soap that best suits eczema or is specifically formulated for eczema. Now, what kind of soap is good for eczema? How to take care of eczema? How to choose the right soap for eczema sufferers? Here is the best hand soap for eczema as well as the top five.

Best Hand Soap for Eczema: 1-3

1. Vermont Soap Works Natural Shea Butter. This moisturizing soap with hydrating shea butter comes in a 64 ounce tub. It is creamy, thick and very smoothing to skin. It can relieve irritation as well as itching. Moreover, shea butter is hydrating to the skin. Vermont soap works also has rosemary as a preservative to aid severely dry and thirsty skin.

2. Cal Ben Soap Company Pure Soap. This product contains castile soap, a reputable name in moisturizing soaps. Moreover, the product does not have any harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl that can sap away moisture in skin. To add, it has moisturizing ingredients that can relieve itching and irritation.

3. Queen Helene 100% Cocoa Butter. When it comes to best hand soap for eczema, this product comes in a stick form and does not have any extra harmful ingredients. It has soothing natural chemicals that can help calm down itching as well as inflammation. Moreover, it can also hydrate the skin and replenish damaged skin cells.

Best 5 Hand Soap for Eczema: 4-5

4. Mabel’s Miracle Liquid Castille. This unscented liquid soap is perfect for those who are allergic to severely perfumed beauty bars. It is smooth with castile that can aid and relieve itching as well as inflammation. Eczema is a serious condition that requires frequent use of hydrating soaps and soothing skin medications.

5. Dove Hydrating Beauty Bar. Dove is one of the leading soaps when it comes to moisturizing. With its high moisturizing chemicals, it can be used to treat eczema as well as calm down itching and irritation. Dove has shown signs of improvement not only in eczema sufferers but it acne sufferers as well as others with various skin conditions. The product has a smooth lather and can easily calm and relax skin. When it comes to the best hand soap for eczema, these are the top five.

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